Saturday, 14 August 2010

Straight Talk: 国家破产之路


Road to Financial Disaster?

1. Scorpene maintenance for 5 years - RM1.3 billion

2. PKFZ in the next 5 years - RM12.5 billion

3. Bakun Dam - RM7.3 billion

4. Putrajaya & Cyberjaya - RM15 billion

5. More and counting...

Corruption and abuse of power is a disease in our society. Can Malaysia survive and thrive if financial abuses and wastage were to continue?

Only in Malaysia, we pay senators who are only interested in someone else's private sex life and not policy making or fixing problems.

Or politicians who are only good at making threats and not solutions.

Or politicians who abuse their power and position but push the responsibility to someone else.

How long can Malaysians can tolerate this situation until we realize that the future of this country lies in us and our choice of good and honest people to lead the country?

Stop quarreling over colour and creed. It is plain common sense that we get over them the sooner the better.

转载:Straight Talk - Khoo Kay Peng(13/08/2010)


大佬:“反秤复民” said...


anakmalaysia said...

Until when ?50 overs is long enough, time to change now !

· 康华 · said...


am, can't wait!

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